Everything I got out of my training was excellent. —Jonathan Babineaux

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A California Eligible Training Provider (ETPL)

About iLearn Institute


iLearn Institute is committed to providing high quality and time-efficient training for a variety of computer, communication, and vocational skills essential to be competitive in today's job market and to enhance career trajectories. iLearn Institute offers offsite training and instructor-led courses, providing a flexible learning environment with an emphasis on the use of computer and multimedia learning tools. iLearn Institute specializes in equipping or updating students with skills vital to their success in their new chosen career paths. iLearn Institute also supports first-time entrants to the job market and those wishing to accelerate their career advancement.


California Eligible Training Provider (ETPL)

iLearn Institute is a state certified provider on the Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), California's statewide list of qualified training providers.

California's ETPL was established in compliance with the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998. As a state certified provider on the ETPL, we offer a wide range of educational programs that provide customer-focused employment training for adults and dislocated workers.

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Jeff Malmuth has worked in the field of Workers" Compensation providing vocational rehabilitation counseling to injured workers for over 20 years. As Director of iLearn Institute he continues the tradition of providing valuable and supportive services to California's injured worker community.